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James Bond - SPECTRE PPK holster

Movie armourer Dave Evans made five PPK holsters for the 
Spectre teaser poster / hero version and stunt man pieces. 
Christies of London auctioned one of these holsters in February 2016. 

MIJ offers custom made replicas of the teaser poster and auction designs. 

Each holster is made from hand dyed quality tooling leather 
with all seams saddle stitched by hand using strong linen thread.

Holsters will hold PPK with wraparound grips or PP with panel grips 
- let me know in advance if the holster is to fit a PPK-S. 

Teaser poster version 
                • brass Sam Browne stud on retention strap
                • double thickness thumb break section holding stud
                • rig attachment lug section sewn into top seam 

Auction version
                • gunmetal finish press-stud on retention strap
                • single thickness thumb break section - stud sits proud
                • rig attachment lugs are part of back panel of holster    
Shoulder rig (all versions):
Strap slots through back of shoulder rig 
with brass screw rivet to adjust length.

Sturdy elasticated black arm strap running through 
screen accurate buckle allows easy length adjustment. 
Deluxe SPECTRE holster
£115 (Sam Browne stud - teaser poster)
£95 (Press stud - auction version)

Cut-away SPECTRE holster
Modified auction holster design tweaked for real world concealed carry.

Sam Browne stud closing £105
Press stud closing (recessed) -£100
 Press stud closing  (raised) -£90 

Trimmed bottom seam for easier draw and flatter angle on retention strap.

Press stud can sit raised in single layer thumb break section or sit recessed in double layer.



 Custom colours 
Holster can be made in Black leather or any one of 10 shades of Brown.


Other models

Custom Spectre style holsters can be made for a limited number of other pistols on request. 

Mauser HSc 
Beretta 70 series
Sig Sauer P230
Sig Sauer P365 SAS
Small frame Glock
James Bond Spectre holster