2. Gun Holsters

Every holster made to order
Each holster is hand made from a custom template for that specific pistol and wet molded for a close fit.

I specialize in traditionally made leather holsters for classic and vintage pistols.

Choose from the range of options below to customize your holster.

Any prices shown for pistols are for a standard model 
(regular weight leather, riveted fittings, single row stitching & front snap retention strap).

Since I make every holster to order I can easily accommodate all sorts of custom requests and design something new from scratch for you. 

    All holsters can be made for either Left or Right handed use.

All holsters are made from hand-dyed high quality veg-tan tooling leathers:

- Regular weight (2.5 mm / 5 to 6 oz.)

- Medium heavy (2.8 mm / 7 to 8 oz.)

- Heavier weight (3.0 mm + / 8 to 9 oz.)

See the Colour Options section on this page for available colours for the leather.


All seams are hand saddle-stitched with heavyweight linen thread and have burnished edges. 

See the Colour Options section on this page for available stitching colours.
    Single stitch row seam                                        Double stitch row seam - add £6 to £8 GBP to base cost.


Rivets can be added to seams for increased strength.

OWB – (Outside waist band) - belt carry

Standard belt loop - fixed with double cap steel rivets hammered flush with the inner face of the leather (these won't scratch or mark the pistol).


Stitched belt loop - add £6 to £8 GBP to base cost of holster.

Belt loops can be set at an angle for cross draw. 

Belt loops can be replaced with metal clips (see IWB section below).
IWB (Inside Waist Band)

IWB Loop(s) can be permanently fixed with rivets, stitched or fitted with press studs for easy removal of holster from belt.


Most models can be fitted with a front metal clip for IWB use - add £12 GBP to base cost of holster.


Pocket carry versions can be made for most small and medium frame models. 

Can be left plain (not wet molded) to break up pistol outline in the pocket.

Can be made ‘rough side out’ to aid pocket retention and ease of draw.



Holster leather can be dyed in any of the following colours:


Brown - 10 shades available - note colour darkens with leather cream applied:

No cream                                        With cream
Red (1 & 2)
Olive Drab (3)
Blue (4 & 5)
Green (6 & 7)

Interior of holster can be dyed a different colour to exterior on request.                       

       White thread can also be dyed blue, green or the same shade as the leather.


Back strap snap
Back thumb snap - closing over back strap or hammer
Front strap



S spring press studs

Ring spring (large & small) press studs

All press studs available in plain Steel, Gunmetal or Brassed finish