Church Bell Muffles

Church bell muffles

In un-dyed natural colour tooling leather

Smaller £27

Standard £30

Drawstring storage bag - £13


Muffles and straps are separate allowing easier fitting and muffling both sides of the clapper.

Muffles can be numbered for reference.

Mk I - fixed straps - superseded by Mk II version (compatible with Mk I sets).

Muffles are made from two 3mm thick layers of quality top grain leather and hand saddle stitched using thick linen thread for strength and durability.

Each strap is fitted with steel full roller buckles for easy fastening.

Strap length allows several passes around the clapper stem before fastening through the buckle for increased grip and a firm fit.

Use clapper diameter of bell to determine required muffle size.

Sets can be made with a mixture of muffle sizes.

Smaller muffle = 2.25 inch diameter inner circle with 3.5 inch outer circle diameter

Standard muffle = 3 inch diameter inner circle and 4.5 inch outer circle diameter.

Any variation to size or extra stitched layers can be accommodated.

Standard price is for natural leather (beige).

Leather can be dyed to a required colour for an extra cost