Bullwhip holders

A whip holder is an essential piece of kit that keeps your hands free but your whip ready for action.

The top loop slides over a belt, the strap is passed through the coiled whip and fastens in place with a heavy duty steel press stud.

Standard sizing is for whips 8 to 10 feet long but holders can be made for any size on request.

Holders are available in 'plain' (standard) and 'aged' versions:

Raiders - £7.50

The Raiders whip holder is riveted to the belt - this hybrid version has the Raiders styling but can be removed from the belt.


Temple of Doom - £7


Last Crusade - £7


Crystal Skull - £8


Press stud on belt loop for easy removal from belt

Indy V: Sicily holder - £7.50


Double wrap holders:

A longer strap that wraps round the whip twice for a firmer grip.

Raiders Hybrid - £12.50


Temple / Crusade - £12


Crystal Skull - £12


Grab holders

Modified designs for a stronger grip on the whip

Grab holders fasten in the middle of the strap rather than the top

which eliminates stress on the press stud fastening.

Temple / Crusade style - £8


Raiders style - £8.50



Double wrap grab holders

Raiders style - £13.50

Temple / Crusade style - £13



For hanging kit (day sacks, shopping bags, torches etc)

off a belt in an Indy style.



Whip hangers:

For space saving whip storage and display.

Fastens like a standard whip holder but fits over the metal hook of a coat hanger or a picture frame hook for wall hanging.



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