Medium heavy leather, hand saddle stitched with strong linen thread.

Large brass Sam Browne fastening stud on the flap.

Finished with burnished edges and edge crease around the flap.

Left handed versions available on request.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - £55

For 4 inch barrel S&W N frame M1917 & Mk II Hand Ejector

(versions for 4" S&W K frame version available on request)


Pistol imprint:

Aged - add £3

Temple of Doom / Last Crusade:

Hero holster - £65

Sized for large frame 6 inch barrel revolvers

(Webley .455 - WG & MKVI, Smith & Wesson .45 N frame).

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - £68

Wet molded Webley WG revolver imprint & medium size brass Sam Browne stud.

Holds both WG and MkVI Webley .455 revolvers

5 inch barrel holsters - £60

Sized for 5 inch and 5.5 inch barrel revolvers

(Webley & Enfield .38 / S&W .38 K frame).

Available in TOD /LC or ROLA style

Flapped Automatic pistol holsters - £45 to £55

Indy style holsters can be made for all calibers of these classic automatic pistols:

Colt 1903 / 1908 Colt 1911 Browning HP

Tokarev TT30 / 33 Browning 1903 Beretta 70 & 92

Holsters for other models available on request.

Colt 1911 - aged

Browning Hi Power

make it jones - indiana jones custom made leather gear