See here for other custom made upside down carry revolver holster options.

This extremely detailed replica of the Bullitt film shoulder holster has been created after extensive research on the custom made original used by Steve McQueen to hold Frank Bullitt's 2.5" barrel Colt Diamondback pistol.

The holster is made from hand dyed tooling leather and fully saddle stitched by hand with strong linen thread. It is fully functional and a practical carry option as the holster will not release the revolver until the handle is pulled downwards.

The original holster for the film is an adaptation of other 'muzzle up' carry designs with a custom made shoulder rig section.

The Make It Jones version is the only replica Bullitt rig with the correct rear fitting set-up to match the original.

The pistol is carried vertically (upside down) in the holster with the butt facing backwards. The top seam of the holster at the front is split with a section of strong elasticated webbing attached at either side. This holds the two sides tightly shut against each other.

The bottom seam of the holster curves up around the back of the trigger guard which gives a firm hold on the pistol. But a quick downwards pull on the revolver handle expands the elasticated webbing and the revolver is out in your hand for a fast draw.

The whole shoulder rig is made from light grey heavyweight suede. This can be adjusted for fit using the velcro closing at the front and the holes at the rear which join the holster and arm strap using Chicago screws (screw rivets). The shoulder section has the screen accurate three slots for attaching the top of the arm strap.

As the arm strap does not stretch the rig is meant to be worn slightly loose to allow it to be put on and taken off.


The bullet holder will hold both .357 and .38 rounds

The standard holster is made to hold a Colt Diamondback with 2.5" barrel. This will also hold a Colt Detective Special or Colt Agent

On request the holster can be made for 2" barrel snub S&W J frame revolvers:

Custom variations

As all Make It Jones items are made to order a range of custom requests can be accommodated.

Holster can be bought separately, made with a different rig design or made to fit an existing rig.

Set can be supplied without bullet holder.

Leather arm strap can be replaced with adjustable length elasticated webbing.

Velcro length adjust on shoulder rig can be replaced with Chicago screws.

Bullitt holster steve mcqueen