No Time to Die

Behind the scenes pictures from the Norway section of No Time To Die reveal a new PPK holster under Bond's duster coat.

As on Spectre Dave Evans was film armourer on NTTD and this holster is another of his creations with a distinct evolution of the Spectre design.

Update: now have picture showing rear of the shoulder rig. This is an update to the Spectre design with additional stitching on the adjustable section at the bottom - will be updating example pictures of the replica once have made a new version.

No Time To Die 'hidden Norway Duster holster'

Updated replica will reflect the newly found details. This will be available with a Spectre shoulder rig at £120 or the full NTTD replica rig at £130

  • Rear thumb break press stud retention strap

  • Brass D loop and screw rivet fittings

  • Adjustable length elasticated Black arm strap with Spectre buckle

  • Adjustable length on rear of shoulder rig

Made to order in Black or any shade of Brown.

Example pictures are Brown #6